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Welcome to the 2nd issue of HRDF PULSE and the 1st for the Year of 2017.

Much thought and planning went into the production of this quarterly e-zine, powered by HRDF. The end goal of this e-zine is to keep the communication line open between you - our valued stakeholder and us.

The content of this e-zine focuses on HRDF’s most recent policies, activities and initiatives that have been featured across multiple external communication channels – print, electronic, online, and social media. In addition, we have featured a few articles on general HR information, knowledge and tips that you can use at the workplace. Similar to our inaugural issue which was launched during the 3rd quarter of 2016, you’ll notice relevant news links and podcast(s) within each article for your continuous reading and listening pleasure.

To sum up the content of our e-zine this quarter is the undeniable fact that the world of work is evolving. This isn’t surprising given the fact that we are now at the intersection of data, sensors and cognitive computing. The advent of technology at the workplace is already charting big impact on both people and culture – at work and away from it.

How does this effect HR, particularly?

A-1500 strong and supportive crowd thronged the launch of HRDF’s Human Capital Strategic Initiatives; officiated by the Honourable Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia, YB Dato’ Seri Richard Riot Anak Jaem; at the Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur on March 20, 2017

For a start, it’ll change the type of people we employ; it’ll transform the culture of productivity and delivery at the workplace; and more importantly, we must begin to think of distinct ways on how to express human thoughts to things that will very soon be automated. Yes, we are living in very interesting times and at this juncture, we can choose to look at technology as being disruptive or innovative.

As a business owner or a HR practitioner, the choice of lens you look through on this matter will have a conclusive effect on the up-skilling, re-skilling and the overall happiness of your employees.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this interesting topic, so please feel free to write to me at sashikaladevi@hrdf.com.my.

Another matter which I find important to bring to your attention is on the Expansion of the PSMB Act 2001 which comes into effect April 1, 2017.

The concerned amendments and expansion to the said Act streamlines the  criteria of employer registration eligibility to Malaysian employers across all sub-sectors within the Manufacturing, Services, and Mining and Quarrying sectors that employ a minimum of 10 local employees. In addition, the amendment to the PSMB Act 2001 also includes the increase of coverage for ‘Category Options’ for employers with five to nine local employees across all sub-sectors under the mentioned sectors and the abolishment of the paid-up capital criterion.

One of the many briefing sessions held across the nation of the Expansion of the PSMB Act 2001.

Why the need for this expansion, you might ask?

The expansion of the PSMB Act 2001 is a step towards qualifying and quantifying training and development programmes that are not only able to improve core competencies of employees of HRDF-registered employers, but also would help towards enhancing their (employees’) overall business sense.

This expansion is also crucial towards the overall development of Malaysia’s human capital in view that there is a need to invest in education and training to ensure a source of innovation and long-term competitiveness for a business and a country; and at the same time assisting the Government of Malaysia in increasing the number of skilled local workers from the current 31 per cent to 35 per cent by 2020 (as outlined under the 11th Malaysia Plan 2016-2020).

In this instance, this expansion is expected to increase the number of employees who are eligible for training under HRDF from the current 1.77 million to 2.8 million by 2020 – an increment of 58 per cent. An interview with HRDF’s Chief, Dato’ CM Vicks with The Star recently is a good additional read on this matter - http://www.thestar.com.my/metro/smebiz/news/2017/03/20/building-the-right-talent-pool/

I hope you enjoy our second issue of HRDF PULSE and please feel free to connect with me on  your thoughts with regards to its content; noting any article to which they apply and also if you have an interesting story or you would like us to look into one.  

I’m just an email away at: sashikaladevi@hrdf.com.my

I remain as always,

Sashikala Devi Gopallan
Branding and Public Relations

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